The Private Placement Exchange was the first Exchange developed for private capital formation. Hundreds of interviews were conducted with would be users, work flows documented, and considered. Dozens of card sorts followed by rigorous analysis developed a set of a dozen core tools and key user personnae. Then came prototyping, validated learning testing, and UX experience and behavioral testing of every sort...


<h2>1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3</h2>

In the end, the exchange became a well loved industry first. But it was short lived; the crash of 2008 effectively shuttered the Exchanges doors as private Equity Markets around the world collapsed and froze over.


 The project did have an unanticipated value, however. In the wake of the crash, the Nation scrambled for ways to start the Private Capital formation engines running again. And so I was asked (along with others) to give testimony before the Securities Exchange Commissions forum on Small Business Capital Formation.


The research and tools in the PPX were discussed, specifically the aspects that came to be widely known as “Crowd Funding” were explained, and became part of the SEC’s recommendations to Congress – ultimately being passed into Law in the Jobs Act.



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