A UX Designer must be adept at creating great wireframes quickly. Designs run the gamut from the proverbial lo-rez "drawn on a napkin" to high fidelity, pixel-perfect design. I find wireframes most useful at the lower end - the low fidelity Sketch level.

Bottom line is you have to learn what folks want before you build it. Then you hone in closer and closer, validating what you've learned with rapid prototypes; now the iteration is spot on.
Axure. Sketch. Balsmiq. Invision. UX Pin. Adobe CS.: Tools of the Trade.

Here is a working Lo-Rez Mock-up. This is very early work – but can be modified quickly and cost effectively. Each iteration honing in closer to Pixel-Perfect User Bliss.

Click Here to View a Live Lo-Rez Mock-Up


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