Challenge: Halal Cafe & Grocer needs re-brand to reach broader community.Goal: Re-Establish itself as a fun destination and eatery, so that more folks – especially Non-Muslims – would stop and shop.

Process: Start with mobile. Most customers are male millennials. They tend to find the cafe and grocery via search on a Smartphone. So design of an engaging, responsive website is paramount. The site would need to be relevant to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. And It would need to provide a daily menu, grocery specials, as well as directions.

Clients liked the “Material” aesthetic; cards floating over a static background.


Video of the draft website is below.


The traditional elements would need to be there, yet the feeling would need to be hip, urban, and attractive to non-religious Millenials. Additionally, we would make use of Google maps.

Material Design stylistically encapsulates the feeling we desired to achieve. Lots of flat objects floating above a surface. Google had just come out with the best practices guide the same month (August, 2016) so the ideas were fresh and demonstrable to the owners as a relevant style.

The Re-Brand accomplished all goals. It cast the cafe/market in a hip light, showcasing it as a destination for great, no-frills hot food, as well as shopping – with a bent toward greengrocer organic market status. There were no other organic markets anywhere nearby.

The Halal identity was preserved, and upgraded with whimsy, now inclusive for all who like good food.  Interestingly, the innovative use of Google Maps had an immediate effect (click the button for directions, and a live map opens in your phone with driving directions from your current location).




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